A lot has changed in Aotearoa since 1988, but some things stay the same… Like the presence of SHIHAD, Aotearoa’s most treasured heavy rockers.

Revered for their energetic and electrifying live shows, Shihad brings together guitarist/vocalist Jon Toogood, lead guitarist Phil Knight, bassist Karl Kippenberger and drummer Tom Larkin in a line-up that hasn’t changed since 1992.

Over the past three decades they’ve released nine studio albums (including five NZ chart-toppers), set a new record for the most Top40 Single Chart appearances by a New Zealand act, toured all over the world and played with musical heroes like Motörhead, Metallica, Faith No More and AC/DC to name a few.

And with 30 years’ worth of memorable tunes like ‘Pacifier’, ‘Think You’re so Free’, ‘Deb’s Night Out’, ‘Beautiful Machine’ and NZ’s unofficial national anthem ‘Home Again’, there’s no doubt that Shihad are a part of our musical fabric, the soundtrack for a zeitgeist.

In 2018 the band embarked a New Zealand national tour celebrating the 20th anniversary of their classic 1998 album “The General Electric” (and coinciding with the album’s first ever pressing to vinyl) before announcing a retreat into the studio to work on their tenth studio album – in the words of the band, “stay detuned”!

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